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Winging Your Way Through Life

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Americans are obsessed with wings. We eat them at parties, during sporting events, for snacks, for meals, out with friends … well, pretty much any time. During the Superbowl, the National Chicken Council estimated that Americans would consume some 1.35 billion wings — that’s enough wings to circle the earth three times. That’s a lot of wings … and that’s just during the Superbowl!

Wings were created at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, in 1964. Those dripping chunks of meat smothered in sauce immediately became a favorite. These days, wing lovers consume roughly 24 wings per month — that’s roughly 17,000 wings over a lifetime!

The most selected flavors are traditional barbecue, honey barbecue and buffalo (with ranch dressing), however, chefs all over are getting creative with their wings. Flavors from many cultures are being used to spice up these little meat treats — Asian barbecue, bourbon honey mustard, teriyaki, salt and vinegar, spicy garlic, Caribbean jerk and so many more. These juicy treats can be bone-in or boneless, skin on or skinless, battered or naked, marinated or dry-rubbed, sauced or not … well the possibilities are endless.

Why do we love these little gems so much? It is probably because they are considered one of the ultimate comfort foods, alongside meatloaf, pizza and mac and cheese.

Here at Mama Gina’s we offer the following flavors: Suicide | Hot | Mild | Honey Hot | BBQ | Spicy BBQ | Garlic Parmesan.

Pop over to our Facebook page and tell us what your favorite wing flavor is!

Wings Facts:

  • Americans will spend roughly $36 billion dollars on wings this year — that’s roughly the equivalent of the GCP of some third world countries.
  • In one year, Americans will consume 28 billion wings. That’s enough to circle the earth 28 times!
  • July 29th in National Chicken Wing Day, established in 1977 by the mayor of Buffalo, New York.
  • Ranch is the most popular dipping sauce for wings.
  • Despite their small size, chicken wings are actually a more valuable piece of meat than the chicken breast.
  • Over the past five years, chicken wing franchises have grown by 7% to over 2,000 in the United States.
  • Corn makes up 2/3 of the feed that chicken consume in their diets.
  • Chicken wings are the second most popular food item on Superbowl Sunday, second only to all kinds of dips.

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